Hi. I'm Nate, a Christian Science practitioner and lecturer who lives with my lovely wife and daughter in Boothbay, ME. I am one of the many practitioners of Christian Science who dedicate their life to helping and healing humanity through enlightened, Christ-like thought and action. I'm available 24/7 for prayerful treatment—although the best time to reach me by phone is during my office hours (generally 2-6pmET Mon-Sat).

I work with individuals to overcome physical and mental problems through the power of universal Truth and Love. This includes addressing mental causes of dis-ease and eradicating discordant thoughts from consciousness. It's an unspeakable joy to witness people healed mentally, morally and physically through Christian Science treatment. This treatment has no bad side effects; I recommend that everyone try it!  I'm always happy to discuss the method and any questions that someone might have.

Interested in prayer treatment?

Some of my experiences with healing have been published in Christian Science Sentinel and Journal.

In addition to praying for people, I'm currently a lecturer for the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. I also originated a program of two minute inspirational messages called the Daily Lift.

Other interests: I love to play music, cook for dinner parties, hike in far-flung places, play West African Ewe polyrhythmic music, sea-kayak with my wife Laurie, goof around with my young daughter and just love Life.

Here’s me speaking about prayer on a Daily Lift video…