Light is everywhere—and we can reflect it

Have you ever laid on your back in a grassy field and looked up at the vast, infinite sky? Oh, the twinkle of stars and planets dotted in the forever dark. But wait, is that dark actually dark? Have you ever realized that space -- all of space -- is FILLED with light? The dark sky isn't dark at all, it's just that human eye is limited in its ability to perceive light.

Have you ever looked at the moon illuminating the sky and gathered that the moon doesn't actually make light? It's dark to the left of the moon and to the right of the moon, but it just so happens that the moon showed up and is now reflecting the ever-present light in the universe. Have you ever thought that every space between our moon and planets is filled with light, too, if something would just show up and reflect it? Light is everywhere in the universe just waiting to be reflected.

In our individual lives, it sometimes appears that darkness is all around. The truth is, though, every space is filled with light. Every space is flooded with the light and harmony of Love. We never need to doubt whether there's light in one place or another, or feel the burden of creating light ourselves. We can show up and be conscious that even though we can't create light ourselves, we can REFLECT LIGHT in infinite amounts! This is our purpose -- to reflect always-present, brilliant Love.