I sing my way to Thee...

Here's a wonderful prayer to kick off your day.  It's a new arrangement I did to Hymn 16 in the Christian Science Hymnal. Christa Seid-Graham performs it.  How joyous is the journey in and up to God.  Sing along!

As sings the mountain stream,

Past rock and verdure wild,

So let me sing my way to Thee,

Thy pure and happy child.                


O boundless source of might,                    
My praise must e’er increase,                    
For Love is Life eternally,
Whose blessings never cease.                                


I sing my way today,                    

My heart is joyous, free,                    

For what is Thine is ever mine,

I find myself in Thee.                


This is a new tune I wrote for hymn 16 in the Christian Science Hymnal.  Lyrics by Violet Ker Seymer. Christa Seid-Graham arranged it AND wrote a harmony part.  Here's a rough recording of her singing through it.

YOU are God's pure and happy child.