Up and out

If you fall into a ditch there's only one way to get free. Up and out. You need to climb or be pulled vertically up to get above the hole. Next, you need to move horizontally out from the hole. Then you're free! You can’t fall back in. But if you try to escape in the opposite order it doesn't work.

Well, have you ever had a hole in your life? Maybe a sunken spirit, hollow relationship or failing health? Yup, we've all been there. The solution is the same -- we need to move up and out. But this isn’t physical movement. It's our consciousness that needs to move.

Here's how Jesus Christ put it: 1) love God with all you've got, then 2) love people with that same love (Matt. 22:37-39). We first need to lift our thought to God, then we extend our God-love to the people around us.

How does this actually work?  

Lifting thought to God means taking your focus off of things in your life and onto the Spirit of your life. So, if you have a sunken spirit because you've lost something, you can know that God is Spirit and humbly expressing Spirit reveals joy and fulfillment. If you seem to be in a hollow relationship, you can recognize that God's love is deep, present and available to witness regardless of someone’s actions. If you have health trouble, it helps to know that God is never sick and we are the image and likeness of God as the Bible points out.

Once your thought is lifted to a heavenly, Love-filled place, then there's just one more little step. You need to broaden your God-love. You can't just keep it to yourself! If this is true for yourself, it must be true for everyone! If it isn't true for everyone, then it isn't universally true. So, whatever truth about Spirit you know about yourself, you need to know it for everyone who comes into your thought.

It constantly amazes me how this process brings freedom not only to our minds, but unveils the natural harmony of Life right in our everyday experience.

Now, remember this only works if we first lift our thought. If you begin by loving others with human love and try to resolve some problems that way, you often hit a wall. It's like attempting to escape a ditch by first moving sideways. We need to move up to God first (Matt 6:33; 7:5) and then move outward with God-love.

Let’s move right up and out of any hole we might face today. I’m talking BIG blessings.