Mind is expressing you

It's good to think about the spiritual qualities an individual expresses or could express. It's even better though to start with God. God expresses in you the infinite idea of Love or Mind. Acknowledging God, pure Mind, as the only source and activity of you (and us) is deeply healing.

This poem lays it out wonderfully:

Pure Mind by Peter J. Henniker-Heaton

God is pure Mind; He does not work through matter. Mind needs no outside medium to express its nature. All that Mind creates is wholly of mental and spiritual substance, nothing less.

Man is pure Mind's idea. Not made from matter, man needs no physical basis to sustain his individual life. Mind's man and woman pure thought in Mind eternally remain.

The pure ideas of Mind are not polluted, infected, poisoned, pressured, fractured, strained by matter. Their only atmosphere is boundless intelligence, self-renewed and self-contained.

Pure Mind, controlling all in ordered action, governs alike the atom and the star. Wherever thought consents and hearts are willing, its instant healings and adjustings are.

Mind has no place for matter in its eternal purpose. But wholly spiritual, wholly good, pure Mind's ideas, coperfect with their Maker, unfold within pure Mind's infinitude.