Thoughtful and care-full

An old song came to mind today that a friend of mine wrote in high school. It reminded me how people get scared, and how to eliminate fear by inverting a lie. The verse reads:

"Unthinking and I don't care and that's why I'm so scared."

The truth, the inversion of that line, could be represented this way:

Thoughtful and care-full and that's why we are fearless.

As Mind's likeness, each of us are thoughtful, never unthinking.

As Love's likeness, each of us are full of care or care-full (positively careful).

There's never a reason to be scared. Fear comes from qualities that we do not possess -- namely thoughtlessness and lovelessness.

We are thoughtful, we care, we are fearless. There is never a problem we will not solve with God's help.