Helping, happy and pleased

Like many, I often reach to my Bible for encouragement, inspiration and healing. Minutes before my webinar talk started last night, I reached out to God with a quick prayer, "Father, what is this event all about? What do I need to know?

I picked up my CEV Bible and opened right up to this passage:

"I was right beside the Lord, helping him plan and build. I made him happy each day, and I was happy at his side. I was pleased with his world and pleased with its people." -Proverbs 8:30-31

What a glorious thought! Planning and building -- formulating good thoughts and building others up with them; making God happy and being happy by His side; being pleased with God's world and people.

I love the thought of helping and then being happy and pleased. It's cause and effect. Today I've been cherishing this aspect of the passage which includes its own cause and effect:

I make God happy and I'm happy by His side.


If you'd like to watch yesterday's webinar lecture, here it is:  "Learn to pray and heal."