Finding only effects, not causes

"The Christian Scientist finds only effects, where the ordinary physician looks for causes. The real jurisdiction of the world is in Mind, controlling every effect and recognizing all causation as vested in divine Mind."
-SH 379:4
Since Christ Jesus, and many other spiritual healers since, have proved without a doubt that there is one Mind or Cause to life, we don't need to waste time looking for material causes. Since God is the only Cause, we can look for and demand good effects.

Once when Jesus' prospective healers (disciples) were learning from him, they looked for the cause of disease in a blind man -- "Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents?" (John 9)

Jesus, knew that there is only one Cause, God, and he looked for effects. Jesus said, "the works of God should be made manifest in him." This man was completely healed because of Jesus' understanding and expectation.

It's worth spending some time today acknowledging the one Cause of existence, and looking for the effects of Love and Truth.