Cause and effect

Studying divine Science or Christian Science, we begin to understand what God is as Cause and what we are as effect.

Since God is Love, we are lovely.
Since God is Mind, we are mindful.
Since God is Soul, we are soulful.
Since God is Life, we are lively.
Since God is Principle, we are principled.
Since God is Truth, we are truthful.
Since God is Spirit, we are spiritual.

Internalizing that there is one Source or Cause puts us to work to prove our actual, eternal nature here and now through conscious identification with God. Working along these lines we are freed from the mirage of mistakes, errors and limitations that the selfish or carnal mind suggests that we identify with.

Since God is the only Cause, Source or Consciousness, each of us are at this very moment, without compromise, loving, mindful, soulful, principled, truthful and lively as the spiritual likeness of the one all-good Cause.

This understanding of Cause and effect, brings heaven to earth. It allows us to live a life where health and harmony dominate and bless.