Resting in gratitude

A few days ago I visited Thanks-Giving Square which is a beautiful three-acre garden, chapel and museum in the heart of downtown Dallas (and at a wedding that night I happened to run into the President of the Thanks-Giving Foundation who is a Christian Scientist). It was heartwarming to read the messages of honest gratitude written on ribbons and cards inside the chapel. Even more beautiful was seeing people come into the chapel resting in gratitude. You could call it prayer. Folks came in and sat down, wrote notes of gratitude, and spent prayerful time in the refreshing quiet enclosure outside the summer heat and the bustle of the city.

It’s worth taking time to rest in gratitude today. Gratitude is recognizing the good in our lives. Since God is good, recognizing good, is recognizing God; resting in good, is resting in God. It's right to rest -- acknowledge and settle into a deep appreciation for -- the continuity of good in our lives and open our thought to receive more. God does not withhold good from us, but gives only of His nature.