Quality time with God

My wife likes it when I listen to stories that her family tells about her - especially the stories where her true character shines. She also likes it when I talk about her and let others know how wonderful she is. BUT, she wouldn't be happy if I only listened to stories about her and talked about her. Her favorite thing - the thing that really improves and strengthens our relationship - is when we spend quality time with each other. When we have good talks and I listen deeply. When we have experiences together as one. In this regard, God is no different than my wife.

It's good to read The Bible and hear stories about God and God's true nature. It's good to share wonderful stories about God with others. But the most important thing of all - the thing that will really make you feel at one with Life - is to spend quality time with God. More than anything else, God loves quality time with YOU.

To share what you're going through with God is comforting. To listen to God is bliss. To feel and know that you're at one with God as you go through life is real living, it's life with the Friend of the friendless, it's healthy life with Love and Family.