The miracle of sharing

When Christ Jesus faced a crowd of four thousand people who hadn't eaten in three days, he took seven loaves of bread and a few small fish into his hands and gave thanks. Trusting God, he broke the bread and fish and passed them on. In the remote mountains where food was scarce, these starving people took their share and passed the food on. This is one of two times Jesus fed thousands when supply appeared limited. That's the miracle most see here and rightfully so. 

Today, I'm inspired by this miracle: these starving families had nothing to eat for three days and then with little food, they shared.

Where in your life today does there seem to be a deficiency? Are you hungry for love? Patience? Connection? Generosity? Has it been days since you've taken in deep inspiration or experienced complete health? What about thinking about this miracle story and affirming that right where lacks appears to be, the Christ is feeding you, satisfying you. The power of Love is fully present multiplying your awareness of good. Eat of that truth until you feel nourished. And here's the kicker: share that feeling/knowing/care.

Not only do I have sufficient love, patience, health, inspiration, benevolence, spiritual understanding - my daily bread - but I can share these God-qualities and see that they are nourishing, filling, satisfying everyone I encounter too. 

Love multiplies in our awareness and experience as we give it away. So share. Take part in the miracle of sharing today. Sharing is great.