Prayer is evidence of God

Prayer is the voicing of beautiful, true thought. Prayer is the desire or intention for good. Prayer is asserting and utilizing Life's law of harmony. Prayer is knowing and feeling our unbreakable oneness with Love. Prayer eases the heart and heals mind and body. Prayer begins with God and is expressed in us -- prayer is actually proof of God at work in our lives. I love how Helen Wood Bauman, a long-time editor of The Christian Science Journal, once put it:

"The very impulse to turn to God in prayer illustrates the incessant motion of divine law, uniting Mind and its expression in the infinite purposes of good. True prayer originates in God, not in self, and is inseparable from the one infinite Mind, the Principle of all that is true. Both prayer and answer, desire and fulfillment, evidence the presence and power of one all-inclusive God, good."

Here's the whole article: "Prayer and law" (1948) by Helen Wood Bauman.

Let's pray joyously, intuitively, consistently throughout the day. Prayer is evidence of God developing our character and expanding our awareness of love and health. Let prayer happen and let prayer heal.