The blessing of missing out

Ever feel like you're missing out? Like someone or some group of people have something that you don't? Ever feel envious or jealous? No need. 

I doubt that Jesus would have walked on water if he owned a boat.

Looking back on my life, it's clear that most of my treasured moments came as a result of lacking something and relying on God instead of the comforts of matter. Experiencing the power of divine Love to care for me -- even in small ways -- has always meant the world to me.

If we seem to be missing out on something today -- whether it's joy, health, home, friends, etc -- this apparent need is a blessing in disguise. As we rely on God more deeply, we'll progress as individuals. We'll develop more compassion, selfless love, objectless calm, spiritual logic, God-hereness. These are things that remain with us regardless of what's going on and they're the basis of real health.

We can joyfully drop the 'fear of missing out' mentality. Desires and things come and go. The nature of God and our expression of God remain forever. Glimpsing this is glimpsing heaven. It's the biggest blessing of all.