Spiritual oneness

An old Daily Lift of mine replayed yesterday on Your Daily Lift called "Riding tandem." It's all about our oneness with God, divine Love.

While watching this video, I was reminded of this phrase from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,

"true harmony is in spiritual oneness."

That's something to cherish. Are you seeking for material improvement or spiritual oneness today? If you're only focused on material improvement, you're seeking the truth of things (Christ) for the loaves and fishes (personal gain) and you may not receive them. If you're seeking spiritual oneness, all that you need--Soul-given harmony--will be revealed in your life. Your oneness with God is what establishes and maintains true harmony in your life.

Bicknell Young's epic article, "Oneness" is a magnificent read for practicing healers and shows the depth of this topic. Click HERE for a PDF that I found online. It begins on page 114.