Looking for some thing?

I often find myself in need of some thing. I, like many people, spend too much of my time trying to get something. I also pray for lots of people who are looking for things -- money, jobs, relationships, etc.

So today I spent some time in prayer thinking about possessions. At one point, I thought, "What does God want?" The thought that returned was elegant: "Nothing. Because God already has all that God could ever want -- us." We are God's greatest possession and all that God needs.

If God doesn't need anything because Love has all that Love wants in us, just maybe we can feel that we have what we need in God, in Love. 

Behind every thing we want, there's just this: a need to feel loved, supplied-for, belonging, whole. This feeling of lack only goes away when we know our abundant creator, Love.

Love, Life, is satisfied right now because of us. Not because of what we do, but what we are. We are what expresses the beauty, intelligence, wisdom, flexibility, health, joy, purity, and sublimity of Life. We are what makes God known. We are what makes God complete. Once we see this in ourselves and others, there's no empty-feeling to fill. We don't need stuff. We have the thought, the understanding that satisfies, that lasts. The right thought of how God, Mind, knows us frees us from material dependence. And then we experience the truth of Life's satisfaction in us as tangible, on-the-ground, eye-witness evidence of health, peace, purpose and satisfaction.

God doesn't need anything. Just think about that.