No dislocation

Every claim of evil in the human experience is a belief of dislocation. Something appears out of place -- we are not at home, not located in the pure consciousness of Love.

In reality, nothing is out of place in our life because our life remains in Love, our place of eternal residence.

Our location is Love. Divine Love or Mind intelligently keeps everything in its right place for the health and joy of Being. The limited material senses are unable to grasp this unlimited truth, so we need to listen to Mind -- and sometimes wrestle with a Love-idea -- to understand and experience it.

In the Bible, when Jacob was dislocated in the wilderness with a bone out of joint, he wrestled an angel until his nature was transformed. Jacob not only discovered who he was, but he also renamed where he was to "Peniel" which means “face of God." We can wrestle with an angel (a Love-idea) today until we know who we are and where we are. We are where God's image appears, the "face of God."