You belong to God

I'm in airports a lot. Everyone once in a while, at the security gate, I see someone come running back and with pure elation discover that their wallet or laptop is still there waiting for them. They are SO happy to be reunited with their beloved possession. Because it's theirs. That possession belongs to them and it's deeply meaningful. They need that possession. It plays an integral role in their life.

Every time I see this, I'm reminded that we are God's possession. Just like that lost laptop or wallet, we have an Owner who so badly needs us and will seek us out if we seem to be lost. Our Owner is God. We belong to God, to everlasting Love. And if we seem to be lost, God is pursuing us. 

Belonging is important. To flourish, to thrive, we need to know that we belong. And what's better than realizing we belong to the most magnificent thing of all, divine Love? 

Now this analogy breaks down quickly because as God's effect we could never be separated from God, our Cause. Sometimes, however, we feel lost or experience loss. It's then that this sense of belonging, of being needed and being pursued by God, is often the ticket to healing.

You belong to God. You are so needed by God. That never changes.