Genesis 1 & 2

So one thing I'm doing this new year is reading through the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. It's pretty easy to make it through in a year. Two pages of S&H a day; five pages for the Bible. You're welcome to join me.

Reading through the beginning of the Bible I'm always struck by the first chapter, Genesis 1, which gives the spiritual sense of creation. The word "and" appears more than fifty times and there's never one "but"! That really captures the essence of creation from Love's angle -- there's a flow of good that evil never touches.

In Genesis 1, we, male and female, are created at the same time and we are pronounced "very good." Equality, completeness, wholeness is the baseline reality. But Genesis 2, an allegory for the origin of unGodlike life, says than man is not complete by himself. 'Lord God' makes some animals friends for him, but he's still not complete with them. So 'Lord God' makes woman for him. Well, he's not complete or happy with a woman either! They have all sorts of problems. This is NOT the effect of our Source, Love. This is the mirage of hell created by matter-based perspectives. In Love's eyes, are complete as we are and every relationship in our life blesses us. We need to return to the simplicity of Genesis 1.

Our absolute, irrevocable, innate completeness is worth cherishing. Each of us emanates God's actual nature. Imagine that! We are filled with purity AND wisdom AND integrity AND intelligence AND equality AND holiness AND AND AND ...

We are where God shines. This truth strips mistakes, depression and illness of their root. Incompleteness is Creatorless and doesn't deserve a believer or a witness. It's a tale that needs to be replaced with original, authentic, spiritual facts.