Today I lost my wedding ring and...

Today I lost my wedding ring. I was snorkeling with my wife and because of the quick currents and slick suntan-lotioned fingers the ring came off on its own for the first time ever. Unfortunately, it was swept away onto a craggy, bommie reef below. The ring was immediately out of sight. After looking for an hour or so, it was nowhere to be found. I was crushed. I felt like my prayers weren't good enough. Now, I have been in LOTS of situations like this before and I KNOW prayer provides. I also know that fresh faith is always needed. Consecrated thought is needed. A pure expectancy is needed.

After this incident, we went to a new spot and I took a walk in a field to clear my head. I told my wife beforehand that I felt bad not to be wearing a ring on this special trip with her. We thought we could go to a local jeweler and get a temporary replacement, but I remembered the last time we went ring shopping and none of the rings fit--we had to special order. So, I was on this walk and I felt my faith lifting. I was settling into the fact that God, Mind, was the only governing force. God was creating a good life for me where nothing was lost, where everything fit, and where I could be lead to whatever I needed. Mind was doing this. Nothing is lost in Mind where I am. After praying for a bit, I looked down in the grass and there was a ring. I picked it up and it fit my ring finger PERFECTLY. It was a thin, spiral patterned metal ring and I liked it, and really, it was an exact fit. I'm wearing it now as I fall asleep. Maybe I should just keep this one? (The original one is probably in a fish's mouth. Maybe someone will pay their taxes with it someday. :)

I know I need more faith, but I also know that God's love is fitted for each of us each moment. God knows our need and God is supplying our need perfectly. We can see it.

"Divine always has met and always will meet every human need." -Mary Baker Eddy