Paddle through it

An analogy came to me in prayer. It was an image of someone facing a white-water rapid head on in a kayak. It sure seemed like a big problem paddling towards it! As the kayaker aimed forward, the waves seemed to crash bigger. But once he stopped fearing the boisterous water and paddled consistently and powerfully, the waves propelled him forward. What a gift that challenge became! The ride was great; the fear was gone. The waves pushed the kayaker along on his journey quicker than he thought and he arrived in a serene lake moments later.

Jesus said of evil, fearful thinking, "Get behind me!" We too must not dwell on pressures of the human experience as substantial, but instead we should put negative mortal thoughts behind us with swift strokes of spiritual affirmation. With powerful affirmations of truth about the nature of God and individual being, along with keeping balance with morals, progress is inevitable. Strong paddling keeps one upright in life and headed forward to our heavenly destination: the peaceful waters of Love, the pure intelligence of Mind. 

Keep paddling! The stronger you paddle, the more you're in control and more fun it becomes. What appears to be a fearful problem can be joyous opportunity to express God.